Friday, November 18, 2016

Merry Christmoose!

Hi - Lydia here today! I discovered something so fun through a mistake that I had to try to reproduce it. 

I noticed that when I was using crepe tape on an uneven surface, as a mask, that - well, it didn't work :). BUT, it did something very cool - it pooled  and intensified the color under the tape, and sort of left a ghostly image of the tape in its place after it was removed. I never consider an accident a finished experiment until I can reproduce it, so I tried again. I used watered down Golden Fluid Acrylic paint, and 1/4" crepe tape to create vertical and horizontal stripes on Canvas Paper. Even if you press the tape firmly down, it won't adhere to the primed canvas, but it will preserve the shape of the masked areas in a really cool way. All supplies are linked below.

I thought that bright splash of pink brought some holiday cheer!

Thanks for looking.